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Your Representative:

Francis Taphorn, Director

Committed to Our Growers, Committed to Education

Our goal is to equip crop producers with the necessary resources to better understand the constantly changing industry of agriculture. Through education and training, we believe we can reach farmers of all sizes and help them boost their yields, build their soils and create a better environment. Through improved approaches to soil science and with the help of cutting edge technologies, softer chemistry and best farming practices, our clients are reaching top yields while at the same time lowering their input costs.

At the heart of our crop production systems, there are three principals to our approach:
  1. The products and systems must have a high payback in order for us to recommend them to our customers.
  2. Our goal is to increase yields while simultaneously decreasing cost per Bu/A.
  3. Techniques, systems and approaches must be duplicatable and painless to incorporate, keeping in mind every producer, crop and field are different; no one-size fits all approach.