Take the guess work out of diagnosing your soil’s nutrient requirements. Because each field has its own unique characteristics, soil testing is the first, critical component of all successful nutrient management programs. Without knowing the amount of nutrients in the soil, you may waste money on unnecessary inputs—and still not reach your yield goals.

Unlike many other soil tests that offer only the basics, Conklin’s partnership with Midwest Laboratories provides independent, third-party analysis of your soil and tissue samples with professional, easy-to-understand results. Our AgroVantage recommendations program provides one of the most technologically-advanced soil and tissue analysis systems available.

Once Midwest Laboratories has completed a thorough analysis of your soil or tissue samples to determine your field’s nutrient status, Conklin’s new recommendations program will provide you with personalized AgroVantage System Recommendations based on Midwest Labs analysis. Results include nutrient recommendations and application rates for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with micro and secondary nutrients. Bringing the AgroVantage Recommendations Program in-house allows Conklin to provide you with the most up-to-date recommendations as well as adding new AgroVantage products as they become available.

Tissue Testing Measures Plant Nutrients Levels

In addition to soil analysis recommendations, our new in-house recommendations program also provides AgroVantage recommendations based upon tissue analysis. Plant nutrient status is one of the most overlooked factors affecting crop yields. A measure of the flow of nutrients to plant tissues during the growing season will detect unseen deficiencies before visual symptoms appear. Plant tissue analysis provides you with impartial, third-party analysis by Midwest Laboratories, combined with AgroVantage recommendations. This combination gives you a tool to correct nutrient problems for the current season and diagnostic information to help determine fertilizer applications for the coming season.

If you’re interested in obtaining personal soil and tissue information, please follow these steps:

To view your Midwest Laboratories and AgroVantage recommendations, go to Conklin’s Online Soil Testing Database or Conklin’s Online Tissue Testing login page.