Give your seeds a head start with Amplify®

Ramp up seed emergence with Amplify — one of the only adenosine monophosphate (AMP) seed treatments in the world. These proprietary products deliver AMP to the seeds as an energy source to enhance germination and emergence. We offer both dry and liquid-applied formulas recommended for use on corn, alfalfa, small grains, cotton and small-seeded grasses. Count on increased yield, lower grain moisture at harvest and a higher return on investment.

Amplify will:

  • Help seeds overcome stressful, cold and wet, hot and dry conditions.
  • Provide faster and more uniform emergence.
  • Fuel early growth and vigor for enhanced plant health.

Magnify® your soybean fields

Scientifically proven to increase soybean yields – research shows that you need to add by inoculation at least one million rhizobia to observe consistent soybean yield response, especially on repeat soybean land. Available in an easy-to-use liquid formula, Magnify provides 1.2 million live Bradyrhizobium japonicum cells per seed — the highest in the industry. Magnify increases nitrogen fixation for efficient plant development and improves pod fill to increase your crop yield.