Click Here for a Flyer Listing the 2016-2017 Pro Ag I Training Dates and Locations

Hear why 3-time world record soybean producer, Kip Cullers,
Attends multiple Pro Ag programs each year:

Learn to grow your profits and enhance your yields

Put the experts’ knowledge to work for you by attending Conklin’s Pro Ag I Training.

You’ll learn how to:

• Take the guesswork out of diagnosing your soil’s nutrient requirements

• Utilize a complete soil-testing program from an independent national lab

• Decrease your nitrogen costs by up to 20 percent

• Learn about the efficiencies of row-placed fertilizer

• Understand the benefits of foliar feeding for your crops

• Select the proper surfactant for your application

“Even after taking hours of college soil classes, the common-sense approach I learned at Pro Ag training has given me a better grasp of soil fertility. By understanding the differences in fertilizer quality and how to read between the lines of my soil tests, I’m getting more out of my crops.”
– Carson K., North Dakota
Take advantage of product discounts:
By successfully completing your training, you’ll earn a $.05/gallon discount on bulk Feast® liquid fertilizer and a three percent discount on companion AgroVantage® products.